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The inspiration for my books

My inspiration for The Blue-Eyed Boy Adventures: The Wisdom of a Sharecropper comes from my Daddy,

Randy Ray.








I have listened to the stories of his childhood and have always been intrigued how he was continually resilient in the face of so many adversities. Some of those adversities were:

  • How his mom would beat him, and how she refused to tell him that she loved him when he wanted so badly to hear those words. His mom dying and still not confessing love for her child.

  • How as a sharecropper, he never lived in a house that had electricity or plumbing.

  • Going to school with no shoes or ones that were too small.

  • Cleaning the school cafeteria in order to have a meal and taking home leftover food that was slopped in a jar in order to help feed the family.

  • How he had to eat literal mud pies to stave off hunger pains.

  • His dad being injured and unable to work.

  • Being looked down on for the family's social status and how they just couldn't get ahead.


In spite of all of those awful things for a child to experience, my dad was able to rise above. My grandpa, Johnnie Ray shared the wisdom of a sharecropper. All of life's wisdom came from a simple man that never learned to read nor write.

My dad and my grandpa navigated through these tough times, and a sometimes cruel world by remembering certain things.

  • How important it was/is to treat earth and the people on earth well.

  • How we should look out for future generations by planting fruit trees even when they would never taste a bite for themselves.

  • When grandpa was tripped on the sidewalk and left wounded, but how that was still not right to repay evil for evil.

  • How we have to live with ourselves and the deeds we have done to others. 

I know the culmination of these trials and relationships had a lot to do with the course that took my dad from someone with nothing to a man that has traveled the world, built schools, fed the hungry and loved others well. 

I think the book series and courses will reveal how to be an overcomer, too.

Please join the movement.

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